Multi Tasking Procrastinator

Yesterday my partner and I had a friendly disagreement over the way I was carrying out a routine domestic chore. The way I was doing it was (understandably enough) not the way my partner would do it, which of course resulted in a retort from me along the lines of “If you want a job doing well then better do it yourself” which swiftly brought a hurried reply along the lines of “Oh no, I’m not doing it, you carry on”.

My partner then pulled herself up for nagging at me and announced it was all down to her own perfectionism to which I replied that she was correct except that really it should be called ‘lazy perfectionism’ because it didn’t involve the required hands on element necessary for complete control-freaking perfectionism (which was all said with tongue firmly in cheek and with the sly smile I wear when winding somebody up).

So as we explored the humour of the situation we decided that she was a lazy perfectionist and that I was a multi-tasking procrastinator (in that I can juggle an infinite number of tasks that can be put off until tomorrow).

We shall be ordering our respective personalised T-shirts very soon.
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One thought on “Multi Tasking Procrastinator

  1. It is always quite an interesting “game” to compare what others think of various aspects of ourselves to what our own opinion is. I always think I am an Effective Delegator but I’m sure others would not see it that way and the word “lazy” would in all probability figure on my t-shirt too!

    So will you have one t-shirt with “moody cow” on one side and “MTP” on the other?

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