Of course the question over Internet censorship proposals by the new Australian government of Kevin Rudd , a policy that would more have been expected of former incumbent John Howard raises similarities between when Tony Blair came to power in Britain after such a long period of conservative rule. It’s taken the Australian Labor party a very long time to get elected having not been in power since the ‘Queen-handling’ days of Paul Keating back in 1991-1996.

Red Symons has perfected a fascinating technique of taking footage of Australian politicians and getting them to ‘sing’ his own take on Australian politics and culture. I have a feeling that Rudd is a more monotone guy than Howard so he’ll have his work cut out for him trying to inject some melody into his voice but this video from an Australian election debate points to the possible lack of difference between the parties (something that has also happened in UK politics).

Rudd’s reference to having a former rock star in his cabinet pertains to former lead singer of Midnight Oil , Peter Garrett being his environment minister (we saw him once many years ago whilst we were waiting around in Melbourne airport. A hard to miss figure.).
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