Words Of Animated Wisdom

If you focus on what you left behind, you will never be able to see what lies ahead”Remy

You don’t always expect to hear a nugget of wisdom tucked away in a computer animated film about a rat that ends up secretly cooking food for a top French restaurant but this film has a way above average storyline (and animation) and so it offered up this pearl as spoken by Gusteau, the figment of Rémy (rat’s) imagination.

A thoroughly recommended film by the way.

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2 thoughts on “Words Of Animated Wisdom

  1. I shall bear that in mind – it sounds like just the sort of mantra I need for 2008! Have you seen Belleville Rendez-vous? I am not usually one for animation but it is one of my favourite films. But maybe you have to like cycling to be a true fan.
    Did you hear they just banned smoking in France?
    (I am not sure if my link will work in your comment box?)
    Stuff(em) Replied: I think links will work if you post pure html code. Anyway yes I’ve seen that film which obviously is more authentically French than The pixar pastiche, good though the former is: links for Belleville Rendez-vous are here(imdb) and here (wikipedia) in case anyone is interested.

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