Migraine And Energy Saving Lightbulbs

Energy bulbNot everyone is happy with energy saving lightbulbs. Some are unhappy with the illumination delay that happens before they reach an optimum light coverage. Now migraine sufferers are warning that they can, in some cases trigger migraine attacks.

The technology is similar to that used in fluorescent strip tubes which many people, not just known migraine sufferers, often complain about when working under them for long periods due to the frequency at which they flicker.

One epilepsy charity has already reported that energy saving light bulbs can trigger seizures in some epileptics.

Photo by amchu under this creative commons license


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4 thoughts on “Migraine And Energy Saving Lightbulbs

  1. That’s very interesting. I have often had headaches (not migraines) since I started to work almost exclusively from home and my whole house is kitted out with these bulbs. I wonder? I had blamed the children and all their noise! I even went and had my eyes checked in case it was that.

    In terms of the delay it can be a nuisance (and I have many times tripped over clutter because of it) but when you have a hangover or feel a bit rough it is a relief that the brightness creeps up on you gradually.

    But I may consider a trial of switching my light bulb in the study, whilst it is still possible to buy the other sort, and see if it helps.

  2. This is obviously a matter of concern given the plans to phase out “ordinary” light bulbs and to make us use eco bulbs exclusively.

    On the other hand, I wonder whether this announcement will give rise to another pseudo-illness along the lines of “electro-sensitivity” with eco bulbs being blamed for everything from bunions to dandruff.

  3. I am a migraine sufferer. I always have them when I am under fluorescent light & when the barometric pressure changes. The migraines from the bulbs are due to the subtle flickering that occurs from the way the lights work.

  4. Older strip fluorescents had a flicker that could cause migraines or other problem. However, almost anything installed or upgraded in the last 10 years operate at higher frequencies and don’t flicker. CFLs of all stripes don’t flicker.

    As to bulb warm up times, I fail to understand how this is a health problem. However, there are many CFLs that start up instantly.

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