Accidents In Slow Motion

I smashed a glass today and it all happened in slow motion. Having deftly avoided an earlier incident I was then able to watch myself lightly brush a less than precious glass tumbler, be aware of it falling, think about it falling (“typical I’m about to break a glass”), reach out to grab it in slow motion, half catch the glass only to see it deftly give me the slip by flipping out of my lame grip, slipstreaming across the back of my hand before bouncing on the kitchen table surface and diving determinedly onto to the kitchen floor where it enacted a violent suicide, fracturing into many progressively smaller pieces about my bare feet.Broken Glass

Time then speeded up suddenly as I stood trapped by the sharp fragments of my own clumsiness and as soon as the world returned to real time I let out a loud vocal sound of self chastisement and frustration.

If I was to time the incident it would seem to have taken place over the space of several expanded seconds. For my partner upstairs all that was heard was ‘chink’ ‘bonk’ ‘ssssmash’ ‘ggrrrrrrr’ as a rapid event of just over a second and a half in time.For me it all happened on a different time scale.

Another short glass life ended prematurely today in a frenzy of unintended adventure.

Time is an intriguing illusion.

Photo by photosan0 under this creative commons license

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3 thoughts on “Accidents In Slow Motion

  1. The mind has an amazing capacity to expand or shrink time. Unfortunately, it seems unable to do it as it wishes. Time speeds by when you are having fun and slows almost to a halt when you are working or feeling bored.

    Time may indeed be an illusion, according to some theories. For example, one theory sees time as a four dimensional “space”. Just as you can see any spacial point within a 3-dimensional space (a fish tank, for example), so you would be able to “see” every space-time point in a 4-dimensional “space”.

    Putting it another way, “past”, “present” and “future” would all exist together. In theory you could visit any place and any time, given an appropriate vehicle. What that does to our notions of cause and effect doesn’t bear thinking about. Just imagine visiting your parents before you were born or popping along to look at Islington in the year 3000… or in 3000 BC for that matter.

    And anyway, what is time? Philosophers and physicists are still arguing over that one and we do not seem to be getting anywhere near a definitive answer.

  2. Yes time is one of those mind expanding topics. I’ve done my best to grapple with such theories such as you hint at where there is only now and the past and the future are only seen differently do to our changed perception (we’ve shifted relative to the event and not the other way around). Only occasionally does our perception begin to show us time in a slightly different way. The of course there’s the theory of multiple dimensions such as the one where I didn’t smash the glass which stretches the old grey matter even more.

  3. True that what we feel as Time, aside from being and abstract, is just a matter of consciousness and chemically speaking, can be expanded – by various means such as one of those Heinlein’s Tempus pills he mensions in “the puppet masters” – or contracted. if i recall it correctly, it was j.a. wheeler, who first proposed the idea of consciousness and how it (could be) related to our concept of space-time. the problem is, on one hand we’re bound to the strict rules of nature and physics and on the other, we have the everyday experience of Deja vus, dreams and E.S.P (just as if sometimes the perfect universe ticks off!) even the posiibility of parallel universes. i think that the whole thing is just a fake vision, a simulation put before our eyes by an unknown entity looking for an unknown answer.
    Stuff(Em) Replied: Hello Starson, thanks for commenting.Maybe one day we’ll have a greater understanding. In the meantime I will no doubt continue to watch myself break even more glasses whilst more than I can reasonably comprehend is taking place around me in this world and parallel ones.

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