Walking In The Bed

I had to drag myself into the outside world to buy provisions and make payments yesterday. I swathed myself in enough clothing layers to approximate a mobile 10 tog duvet on legs , donned my matching flame retardant gloves , wrapped my lower face in a scarf (I’ve come late to scarf wearing and it worries me) and stepped cautiously out the door in a similar fashion to astronaut Neil Armstrong leaving the safe confines of the lunar module to cautiously touch the surface of the moon and me with an almost identical fluidity of movement.

iPod bud My mile long journey on foot took me past a world of iPod wearers of all ages including the mature, multiple tweenies and a young girl aged around five years old telling her mother’s friend that she’d got an iPod for Xmas (amongst a frankly stunning list of items). She was jumping up and down as she recited her Xmas list, as would I if I’d got anything like the consumer bundle she was reciting. Her Mothers friend was repeating each item back in an annoyingly patronising but bubbly way (I’d need chemical help to sound that enthusiastic).

I had begun to think I was the only person in a 2 mile radius who did not have an iPod.

I finally got to the post office and shops and two pavement teens turned their heads as I approached to reveal that both had a single iPod between them linked by a pair of white in-ear headphones each (I kid you not). A communal iPod no less.Their perfect mouths were open with their perfect eyes opened wide but signifying that neither was currently home though both instinctively were able to turn their heads ,tracking me in unison whilst their mouths stayed open.It was all a bit Village of The Damned.

Perhaps they had never seen a walking duvet before.


Picture by under andthenpatterns under this creative commons license

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2 thoughts on “Walking In The Bed

  1. Very funny!

    My sons have one of those headphone jacks so they can both listen to the same ipod. The amazing thing about that is that they sing along and quite often appear to be singing entirely different tracks! They just have their own ideas what the lyrics are and neither set bear any resemblance to the orginals. it can be very amusing on occasions.

    But yes, everyone seems to be plugged into them these days. I never run without mine.

  2. I don’t understand the interest, let alone enthusiasm, for the iPod. But then I wouldn’t, would I? I did for a while have a portable radio with earplugs on which I listened to Classic FM on the way to work. When the batteries gave out, I couldn’t bother to replace them.

    (Having just written that, I found myself promising to buy Tigger an iPod. Life is weird sometimes.)

    Apart from the fact that most modern “music” is a dire racket that I suspect of warping the brains of the young and not-so-young, I find the idea of walking (or riding) along isolated from the world in my personal sound bubble alienating and distracting. Music should be something people listen to. not used as a kind of insulation against the world. You don’t see people going around with Van Gogh or even Banksy pictures stuck in front of their eyes, so why would they do the equivalent with sound?

    The world and every minute I spend in it is too precious for me to want to blot it out. Life is not a film that needs incidental music to give it meaning.

    As for walking duvets, I consider myself more as an ersatz Nanook of the North (Google it). I haven’t actually needed to wear my thermal longjohns yet this winter but there’s still time for the weather worsen. Without giving away too many secrets I will just say that I have reached that stage in life when worrying what people think of the way I dress comes a very poor second to comfort and keeping warm.

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