Inanimate Animation

I seem to be in a period of clumsiness or either inanimate objects are throwing themselves into my path for some as yet unspecified purpose.Cassettes

I have already managed to tip an almighty pile of tapes and CD’s over despite consciously putting my finger to my mouth in a mock silencing motion as it all fell around me in a desperate plea for silence (it was quite early and I was desperate not to wake anyone though frankly the noise probably woke the entire area).

So it’s no surprise that the stuck tune in my head so far today is Accidents will happen.

Photo by ruSSeLL hiGGs under this creative commons license

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One thought on “Inanimate Animation

  1. Ah – but maybe it was the other way round. Perhaps you heard that (awful) track and then started dropping and breaking things?
    Stuff(Em) Replied: It’s quite possible it was a form of auto suggestion. Elvis is not a personal favourite in particular but stuck tunes get drawn from the ether irrespective of personal taste.

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