Free Range iTunes

A variable day for rip off Britain as the EU prompts a change in price policy on the UK i-Tunes store, battery hens will be phased out and another Internet music service will soon be unavailable to UK listeners.

A Tune A Day
Apple responded to recent EU pressure over its differing price structure for iTunes music downloads across Europe and has announced that price reductions in the UK store will come into force within 6 months though complained that it was hampered by restrictive copyright and contractual arrangements that differed so much in each country.

I’m writing this post via that latest gOS desktop which I’ve been assessing and in the supplied firefox browser is a short cut to the Amazon mp3 store where tracks are .89 cents (.45p) but of course I can’t buy these because I’m outside of the US. Equally I can’t buy from the US iTunes store (not unless I’ve go a US registered credit card anyway) where tracks there are .99 cents (50p).

Pandora’s Empty Box
Bad news though as music recommendation site Pandora will soon be unavailable to UK Internet listeners because of the seeming difficulty in negotiating reasonable copyrights terms. Thank heavens for

Breaking Eggs
Elsewhere the UK government is to legislate against the battery farming of chickens which is great but of course the cry goes up that prices will have to rise. This, I presume will be on top of the 25 pence rise in I’ve recently been swallowing for the free range eggs I usually buy.

It’ll be four years before the egg and chicken industry is completely free range with the UK currently the highest consumer of free range eggs and demand outstripping supply. Farmers currently received around a quarter of the supermarket shelf asking price for free range eggs and only 3-4p for the bird itself.
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2 thoughts on “Free Range iTunes

  1. Vegetarians like me will be glad to know that hen batteries will cease to exist in the EU, ending the appalling cruelty that has been meted out to hens for so long. Batteries will continue to exist elsewhere, of course.

    We will have to remain vigilant, however, as it has been revealed that eggs are sometimes labelled “free range” when they are not.

    While such piecemeal improvements are welcome, I think the whole question of animal welfare needs scrutiny and revision. There is a danger that individual improvements like this will convince people that all is well and they can forget about the issue altogether.

  2. We did have the fake free range affair hitting the supermarkets a while ago so I’m sure it’ll crop up again. I guess the new premium will be ‘organic’ As I understand it there can sometimes be little difference between the conditions for ‘Barn eggs’ vs ‘Free range’ in which 16,000 hens can occupy a shed with free range having access to an outside area (max density 2,500 per hectare) though apparently only 50% actually do.Most birds are debeaked.

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