Astro Diet Advice For The Reckless

AstrologyIt’s been a while since I checked out my daily horoscope, something I would have done daily in my younger days albeit without lending it a lot of credence. So I was suddenly curious as to what vague sooth saying I might find if I looked up my star sign for today:

“Some people get it right first time. They are wise, sensible, restrained and realistic. They don’t bite off more than they can chew. They don’t dive in deeper than the point from which they can safely swim. Yet, those people look at you and imagine that you are one of them. Perhaps you are, but you don’t feel like that. You are conscious of the many wild and reckless moves you have lately made; of the wind you have sailed close to and the hot water you have gotten into. Be proud of this. It is a part of what makes you special. Once you have had your chart cast, you can then go on to look at where the planets are . “

Okay Dokey. Glad we got that all cleared up. I’m not sure if this astrologer is insulting me or hinting that I need to pay somebody (probably him) for a really good map.

So I tried one more:

It’s important to stay on your toes today — there are some possible hiccups along your regular route, and you will need to have a quick mind in order to act fast and stay on balance. A simple but necessary ingredient for your day is a good breakfast! The nutrition you give yourself as you start the day is the only foundation you’ll have to build upon, so the better you build it, the better your day will be. Staying sharp is not just about being alert — it’s about being healthy.”

Nutritional advice written in the stars. I don’t think I’ll be returning to a regular check of my star sign. Right where’s my I-Ching coins.

Photo by Ranjit under this creative commons license

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3 thoughts on “Astro Diet Advice For The Reckless

  1. I don’t pay much heed to astrology either. I was born on “the cusp”, between two star signs and so I always check both and usually put a few bits from each together to make something that sounds feasible and reasonably positive.

    The two that you have quoted here would lead to some quite amusing messages for you if you did that – eat a good breakfast but don’t bite off more than you can chew or you might get hiccups (ooooh it pains me to spell it that way!). But I guess you will need a decent breakfast with all that swimming (in hot water – ouch!) and sailing close to winds, that the first horoscope has you down to do.

    Did you check out your horoscope because you were worried by the Omens of yesterday? I can’t believe that your blog stats really were 666. Surely not?

  2. Blimey ,another Cuspian (is that a word?). I’m on the cusp too so for some astrologers I’m an entirely different star sign.I have a horoscope in a screen widget for fun and it amused me today so thought I’d compare it with another just to see how wildly vague they could both be.
    The stat figure is entirely accurate, no fakery (honest guv). What are the chances of that happening (a math and stat orientated person could probably tell me).

  3. haha well probability theory was my thing once upon a time. But I would need one heck of a lot of data to calculate that. Not sure my brain is up to it these days – I’ll check my horoscope and see. I could set it as a student project I suppose but then you would get a whole range of answers, with a small probability that one might be right!

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