Vinyl Heaven Turntables

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After touching on the anniversary of the 45 rpm vinyl record and the fact that vinyl sales have been in the ascendant since 2001 I was a little curious as to what was available to play an existing or growing vinyl collection on and surprisingly the range of turntables is impressive. From the cheap and cheerful, the USB enabled that allows transfer to a computer through to esoteric HiFi decks and ending in the outrageously expensive ELP that plays your vinyl via laser, dispensing with the wear and tear of a conventional stylus.

Manufacturer sites:
NumarkRoksanMichell GyroDec ProjectRega TechnicsLinnELP

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2 thoughts on “Vinyl Heaven Turntables

  1. I still have a couple of turntables – including one of those old Fisher Price ones. It is an amazing thing – still plays records. But I (well, it wasn’t actually me! ) did get all my records digitised (or whatever you call it!) incase they stopped playing.

    My children love listening to vinyl. They sit and watch the records spinning around in much the same way I used to watch clothes whizzing around in the washing machine when my mother first got one of those.

  2. I still have a proper turntable deck from the 80’s. Very hifi-you have to take the solid glass platter off and move a rubber belt just to change speed. Fantastic sound though I backed up most of my Vinyl to tape (not cassette) in the 90’s and then again onto digital tape and latterly again to computer for convenience(!). Listening on vinyl kind of forces you to listen to things from start to finish rather than the new digital way of skipping tracks. Looped end of side grooves used to fascinate me.If anyone wants to buy me one of those laser players then I’d be more than happy.

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