Hand Delivered Hatred

We don’t get too much junk mail through the letterbox, mostly pizza delivery leaflets and estate agents begging for clients (poor unqualified luvs). Today though was different as Sunday brought us two leaflets courtesy ofBNP leaflets the far right white nationalist BNP party.

The first leaflet is headed ‘EU membership opens the door to millions of Eastern European workers’ which is basically a rant against EU membership littered with terms like ‘eastern European Gypsies’ and ‘take YOUR job’ (ah yes that job I so wanted cleaning for a minimum wage).

The second inflammatory leaflet is printed on lurid green with the large lettering ‘Islam, a threat to us all’ and features pictures of the 7/7 terrorist attacks and pictures of supposed London Islamic protesters carrying inflammatory  anti west, anti enemies of Islam type worded placards.

I suppose there’s an argument for free speech (though under current laws there’s probably an incitement to religious hatred law being broken here) but getting this sort of thing through the letterbox is a bit shocking and I wouldn’t have seen our local demographic as particularly ripe BNP material (no doubt the BNP are happy just to stir things up) . All printed in leafy Waltham Cross it would seem.

I can’t quite remember if the National Front did similar leaflet drops back in the late 70’s but do remember seeing an anti-NF literature that come through the door which was quoting most of the then punk artists including the then Johnny Rotten and Joe Strummer denouncing the NF’s racist policies.

I’ll put up with more pizza delivery and needy estate agent leaflets if we can stop leaflets of hate coming through the door. All a bit upsetting really when bigotry comes hand delivered through your letterbox.

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One thought on “Hand Delivered Hatred

  1. It always puzzles me that there is so much sensitivity about the Islamic religion and those who purport to dislike it. Fear and paranoia, mixed in with a virulent strain of political correctness, seem to be the order of the day here.
    Islamophobia for example. A phobia is an irrational fear of something. Those who find many aspects of Islam distasteful and those who describe themselves as anti-Islamic have parfectly rational reasons for not liking it. They are entitled to their opinion eg the treatment of women in many Islamic is disgusting and views them as being second-class citizens.
    Answer me this: why is it perfectly acceptable to slag off Jesus and Christianity yet it is absolutely to even question Mohammed and the Islamic religion??????

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