Still Time To Bid On A Banksy?

Banksy Portabello

There’s still time to bid on a supposed genuine Banksy artwork up for grabs on eBay though the winning bid does not include he cost of removal of the work (an estimated £5k cost to remove the world) which currently occupies a wall in London’s Portobello Road. The eBay description is not the most eloquent I’ve ever read and a statement of authenticity has had to be removed at the request of auction supremo Sotherby’s but if you’ve got a spare £200,000+ sitting in your PayPal account then there’s still time to get on the approved bidders list.

Update: The auction ended with a winning bid of £208,100 though the winner appears to have a less than impeccable feedback rating which may indicate that they didn’t get pre-approval onto the accepted bidders list so we wait to see who the real winner is here.

Listed item (item number:200188435287)

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