1 Million Use iPlayer Since Xmas

The iPlayerThe BBC has revealed that more than a million people have used their on-line iPlayer since December 25th with more than 3.5 million programmes watched on-line.

Streaming Option Popularity
The interesting nugget of information is that the number of people streaming content outnumbers those downloading by a ration of 8:1.

The streaming option was only added shortly before Xmas as a way of including Mac and linux users who were unable to use the iPlayer service due to the BBC’s choice of partnering with Microsoft and putting windows media player at the heart of the then download only iPlayer service. Microsoft does not make the digital rights management player available to Mac and Linux users and so the service was available to the majority windows users only.

ITV and Channel 4
One wonders if ITV and channel 4 will take note of these figures and offer up a streaming service for their own online content which like the original iPlayer can currently only be viewed by windows users.
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