Kickstarting Again

I’ve had a temporary mood blip today so I tend not to write when my mood is belowTR909 a certain critical level. I’ve written before about using various creative diversions as a way of kick-starting my mood again (immersing myself in audio visual playfulness seems to help slightly) and the above audio doodling was another quick cul-de-sac of tuneless twiddling I knocked up that’s intended to go with a short video piece.
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3 thoughts on “Kickstarting Again

  1. It’s funny really what helps different people when they feel that way. Doing what you do would drive me bananas. if I feel glum, I can’t bear any noise at all (not good when you have 4 children!) nor can I concentrate on anything. The only thing really that works for me is something intensely physical – running or even such simple things as really vigorous cleaning (I could do to feel glum a bit more often perhaps?).

    I did listen to your doodle but the children in the background were rather too much for me, considering I have two of them off school sick today!!!

    Hope you are feeling more upbeat today in any case and I am glad that you have found something that works for you in terms of lifting your mood.

  2. Different people chase away their goblins in different ways. It doesn’t matter how you do it as long as you do put the pesky creatures to flight.

    Equally strange is why we let them in in the first place. Perhaps if we knew that, we would be well on the way to beating them.

    Whatever the reason, they are not nice and deserve to be sent packing.

  3. Thanks both for your encouraging comments. I can’t write my way out of a low in the same way I’ve never found talking (therapy) much of a help or the various medicinal options. Child-like creative play just seems to fire up certain neurons (or rubber bands, not sure which) and induce a kind of temporary walkway out. The key for me just seems to be something that totally absorbs me even if the outcome is a throw away item.It’s probably just using a different part of the brain. Different strokes for different folks I guess.

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