Brain Patched


mummyI seem to be at the first marker of my recovery period following my ‘brain transplant’ shortly before Xmas. Most of the pain has now subsided save from the odd momentary stab, the stitching dissolved, and I’ve stopped spontaneously bleeding all over the house (never a good look).

Follow Up Not
I came away from a hospital bed with a worrying lack of advice as to how to tend my wounds and what possible signs I should look out for if anything was amiss. I should be due for a follow up appointment to come through soon so we’ll see if that materialises or whether ‘out of sight, out of mind’ is the policy that saves the NHS the most money.

The Good The Bad And The Ugly
It’s been a positive experience though like most things in life it happened at the most inconvenient time. So far the only side effects are that my moodiness increased for a while there (OK no change there) and that my taste buds and metabolism seem to have changed. I don’t get the kick out of some of the foods I used to and my house dust allergy has gone through the roof so most of the time I probably look like I’ve just been having a good cry with my large attractive red raw streaming eyes so I’ll probably need to pop the old piriton out of season again to stop me just permanently scratching my eyes out (and those of anyone else who happens to be passing). Maybe they’ve got nothing to do with the operation but I’m right off a good cuppa tea and that’s just not right.
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  1. Kirsty says:

    Glad your pain has mostly subsided, I know it’s an over-used phrase, but I honestly can’t think of anything worse than being in constant pain.

    And it’s a good sign about the tea – it means you’ve come to your senses – it’s horrible stuff 😉

  2. SilverTiger says:

    Let’s hope you continue onward and upward and that the various problems are resolved with time.

    Shame about the tea. Maybe your taste for it will return or you will find another variety that pleases you. I would be greatly put out to be off my tea 😦

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