Monday-How Does It Feel?

Today is Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year. The relationship counsellors Relate together with The Samaritans have both long reported that the weeks following Xmas see an upsurge in people contacting them for help.Mondee

The combination of the weather, the rock setting in at work, post Xmas debt and failed new year resolutions combine to pinpoint this Monday as particularly blue.

Despite the British predilection for moaning statistics seem to show that most Brits are optimists and only 13% are hardcore pessimists (really! or is that just me being a pessimist?). Scotland has the highest suicide rate whilst suicides in England are at their lowest since records began.

So here’s to another miserable Monday. We can all get through it together . Group Hug?

Maybe not.
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4 thoughts on “Monday-How Does It Feel?

  1. Ah well, that explains it then. It should cheer me up I suppose to know that ‘everyone else’ feels the same. Actually I hate being part of a trend so I reading this should have appealed to my contrary nature and forced me to bounce around being jolly and annoying people. But I can’t be bothered.

    Not sure you should be encouraging group hugs either considering all the germs there are around :0) Urghh I hate emoticons!

    Right! Grumpy Geezer is about to leave the building!

  2. Like you, RB, I hate to be part of a trend and am glad to report that in this instant at least, I am not. I enjoyed Christmas and the New Year and am enjoying all the days since. I feel just great.

    People traditionally feel low on returning to work on Monday (or Tuesday or Wednesday – or whatever day they return to work on after days off) and I mistrust these popular theories that supposedly apply to everybody and that the media love so much. Let’s remember we are individuals!

  3. I’m not sure I can dismiss mental health and depression issues as a mere ‘trend’ in the sense you both observe it as. In this case Blue Monday (not the song) is a convenient date for the purposes of courting media publicity and highlighting those that deal with the deluge of help being sought either via Relate, The Samaritans and others. I’m glad if you don’t feel depressed (even envious) but to be serious it is worth remembering that a significant number of people find it hard to just turn off how they may be feeling.(whether seasonal affective dissorder, debt, relationships etc . Depression is often a chemical imbalance exacerbated by various personal circumstances (I know I’m over reacting but I don’t want to be diossmisive of mental health issues).
    I know what you both mean when you express distaste at a media item like this but it does have a serious point to make (honest guv).

  4. Yes, I do know what you mean, Em. And I was being facetious – perhaps I should not have been. I’m sorry.

    But it is certainly not the case that I am dismissive of mental health issues (hardly likely really) just of this way of raising awareness of them. I think that identifying a day in this way somewhat trivialises the more serious issue of depression, makes people think it is actually something that can be fixed quite easily, something that last only for a day.

    I just think we are so keen these days to Anniversarialise (ooops not a me word that one, is it?) everything. You can just see next year, that WH Smith will have Blue Monday Cards for sale on 21 January so we can all have our day of “depression”, celebrate it together and then move onto the next event.

    Maybe it does help raise the profile of services such as Relate. I would be interested to know. If it does, then maybe it is worthwhile. I agree that there is a serious point to be made re depression and the services available, I am just not convinced that this is the way to make it. But it got us all talking and thinking about it so perhaps I am wrong.

    I just find it patronising and irritating. But I am easily irritated today and I always hate to be patronised!

    I’ll go and bounce around the garden on my Space Hopper for a bit now, shall I? Trend setter that I am. (Only teasing!)

    (Wasn’t the 12 inch of Blue Monday one of those records with an eternally repeating last line?? Or was that something else?)

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