Acid Bath

“Why should it be. If you live on your own like I have since I was 18 and now 39. Frankly I suspect more blokes then women nowadays can actually cook . Some times I wonder what women can do except for shopping and whinging and looking for a millionaire.”

Bitter of Bournemouth vents via the BBC’s have your say which I read as a form of mental masochism as it regularly erodes my underlying faith in human beings. Obviously commenting on the decision to re introduce cookery back into the curriculum but perhaps vexing the old misogynist muscle which is often flexed as much by women as men these days though this comment comes from a traditional source.
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2 thoughts on “Acid Bath

  1. Goodness me – I really think you should stop reading this sort of stuff. Couldn’t you stick to the Daily Mail if you want to erode your faith in human beings? This must surely destroy it. I will not investigate further as my faith is shaky enough as it is!

    I suppose really we should be introducing shopping and whinging lessons into the curriculum to make sure that male abilities in these areas are brought up to an equal standard? I personally would fail even the most basic qualification in shopping but I might manage an A* in whinging on a good day.

  2. I draw the line at The Daily Mail (you’ve got to have standards). The Beeb is at least meant to be impartial but much like listening to Radio 5 Live they seem to attract a certain middle England underbelly that winds me up whilst I’m try to get an idea of what our culture is really thinking. The Have Your Say section of the BBC news pages on-line do seem to attract a certain “flog ’em, hang ’em” element which rarely paints a picture of a tolerant nation.

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