Domino Effect By Moonlight

Ever had one of those days/months/years? Today has been one of those real out of sync days. It started last night as the hire car’s petrol cap remained firmly shut due to a dodgy central locking system which meant I was running on vapour which curtailed my activities until it could be fixed. Me and cars don’t get on but it’s the 1st fault I’ve had with a hire car.

The influence of the moon continued this morning with me getting wound up by an estranged  sibling with whom I only communicate through my parents. I have returned from my errands and visitations, having dropped the hire car off and dealt with by a woman with a decidedly bad customer service attitude (what is it with women who think others can’t or even shouldn’t have a knowledge of technical things?) and returned home on the bus only to have the large man with dubious personal hygiene sit next to me…again.

And on top of that I have split my lip, broken two nails and will now console myself with consolation foodstuff and maybe a well deserved pampering bath.


2 thoughts on “Domino Effect By Moonlight

  1. I would like to console you by saying that you have had a week’s (or month’s or year’s) worth of annoyance already and can therefore look forward to a period of good luck but unfortunately chance ( and it is chance) doesn’t work like that. It’s practically impossible to flick a coin 100 times and have it come up heads every time (unless it is a double-headed coin, of course) but it could happen. There could be more aggravation on the way.

    Now I’ve cheered you up, may I recommend a programme of mood enhancement? I find that when I am in a good mood, things that annoy me when I am grumpy become merely funny. Tsk tsk, just missed the bus again, oh dearie me, well, never mind, there’ll be another along any minute.

    I don’t know what your favourite ship’s biscuit of a mood enhancer is but now’s the time to break it out.

  2. Oh dear poor you! Best to hide I reckon. If you don’t go out, don’t speak to anyone – then what possibly can wrong! Well, lots I know. Bad things seem to seek us out sometimes.

    I had a bad car day too. Perhaps there’s something in the air. I was low on fuel but decided I could make it back to the petrol station on the A11 which I am familiar with (I don’t like strange petrol stations!). But it was closed. By then, like you I was running on fumes. I drove on, watching my little display count down the kms worth of fuel I had left. By the time I reached the next station and pulled onto the forecourt the display said “1 km”. Lucky or what!

    Hope your weekend proves better!

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