Energy Company Doorstepping Continues

We had yet another energy company doorstepping us last week. Despite claiming that they were not in any way looking for us to change electricity and gas supplier they identified themselves as EDF, an energy supplier (quell surpise).

I wouldn’t give them any details concerning the company we were currently with and explained that I rarely purchased for cold callers and preferred to use the Internet if I was going to change my supplier.

The young man then pressed to see a recent electricity bill which I again declined as we only receive bills electronically and wasn’t about to give him the details he required to change our supplier on the sly.

Much like Jehovah’s Witnesses I do wonder what doorsteppers hope to achieve other than perhaps bullying the weak into their zone of influence.

If it’s a legitimate survey, local MP or county council drumming up support for recycling then fine but selling over the doorstep should be outlawed.
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One thought on “Energy Company Doorstepping Continues

  1. I agree with you. Cold calling should be banned.

    They wouldn’t get as far as asking me for a bill. Cold callers, JWs, etc. all get treated the same way: door slammed in face.

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