Kit Kat Highlights Senses

Kit Kat chocolate has been arriving in all shapes and sizes lately from flavoured to chunky. In March Nestle will attempt to diversify the Kit Kat brand further with the introduction of Kit Kat Senses in the UK which will apparently be marketedKit Kat Senses at young women.

A wafer-biscuit bar with a hazelnut praline centre which will marketed as being part of a young woman’s special ‘me-time’ (pardon?) treat at only 165 calories for the 45p bar. Diversifying the brand is something the many flavoured Kit Kat variations have already been doing but this bar looks suspiciously like a Kinder Bueno.

Kit Kat was born in 1935 and as author Roald Dahl once observed, he being a bit of a chocolate professor himself, all the successful British chocolate bars were born prior to world war II.

Kinder, a division of Ferrero, launched the Bueno in 1990 .
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5 thoughts on “Kit Kat Highlights Senses

  1. haha I must have eaten one then. You’ve changed your blog haven’t you? I never notice such things so something has heightened my senses. My words have got bigger – and so have yours.

    I like it.

    But I don’t like chocolate.

  2. I haven’t seen these on the shelves yet, not that I’m a big chocolate eater (honest).
    I think I’m still in clutter clearing mode and am still trying to simplify the blog and give it room to breathe whilst retaining the navigation info. I’ll live with this a while and see how it goes.You can tell i’m in comfort food mode can’t you? (last 3 posts I’ve just realised are all food).
    Loved your own recent post btw

  3. awww thanks.

    And yes, I had noticed re the food!

    I am more of a comfort alcohol person myself!

    Have a lovely evening.
    Stuff(Em) Replied: I’ll try to, you too. We all have our vices. Alcohol just makes me morose so I don’t really partake.

  4. In my opinion they should stop trying all these ridiculous versions of kit kats and just begin packaging the original bar in the original foil package again.

    It isn’t the same since they went to a vacuum sealed package. I guess I’d been eating partially stale kit kats all my life, but I guess I like them better that way.

    They also just changed the Peanut Butter Twix to one with a chocolate wafer. I hope they burn in hell.

    Nice blog.

  5. Thank you kindly. They’ve done the same with crisps now sealing them in foil packets which now seem to contain a third of an average sized potato plus flavoured air.
    There are other Kit Kat flavours that never make it to UK shores including Cherry Blossom, Green Tea and Strawberry. It remains to be seen if diluting the Kit Kat traditional brand is a success or whether nestle or just playing copy cat (Kopy Kat).

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