Tape Archive: From Beyond The Grave

SpidermanSome years ago I digitally cleaned an old vinyl record that had seen better days. It was scratched and worn but I was able to get most of the worst clicks and pops out. After all that work on someone’s behalf I find that the recordings are now available via i-Tunes and there are mp3 versions out there with the accompanying storyboard comic included.

The original: Spiderman – from beyond the grave-a Rockomic was released in 1972 and is a quiteSpidey-In well made audio drama featuring Marvel’s Spiderman with period original 70’s music tracks embedded along the way.

Here’s part of the semi-cleaned up vinyl version anyway which is a bit of cheesey fun on headphones.

A smaller 1.5Mb sized AAC+ audio encoded* version is available here.

* AAC+ files require Songbird, VLC or Orban plugin(Windows only) for optimum playback. Quicktime and i-Tunes will playback only at half bandwidth (low-fi audio only).

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