The Stylophone Revived

The Stylophone originally made by Dubreq is finally back in production for a generation younger than myself who never got toStylophone experience the tinnitus inducing tones of the stylus driven pocket organ that was once featured on David Bowie’s Space Oddity amongst others and was sold to us by Rolf Harris.

A successful mass market instrument in its day the stylophone nevertheless had a distinctive sound with limited variation beyond the heady use of the vibrato switch.

Updated With mp3 Playability
The faithful reproduction of the original adds an input socket to which you can attach an mp3 player in order to painfully play along to your favourite bits of music and infiltrate them with that faithful screeching stylophone sound.

Virtual Stylophone
To get a good idea of what to expect just try an on-line stylophone here .

Demo Heaven
Hear the original demo disc that came with the stylophone as Rolf showed us all how simple it was all going to be (Rolf you probably could have sold us all a house brick as a musical instrument back then).

Stylophone Demo disc: Side 1 / Side 2

New Stylophones are Available to purchase here (Rolf Harris apparently not included).

Rediscovered Via OhGizmo

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3 thoughts on “The Stylophone Revived

  1. Ah, the Stylophone! I remember it well 🙂

    I wonder how many people got a start in music as a result of becoming acquainted with this device. We shall probably never know.

    It will be interesting to see if it does any better this time around. I cannot imagine it being more than a brief fad – if that – but forecasting the behaviour of the public always was an uncertain business.

  2. The dear old stylophone was probably my 1st electronic ‘musical’ instrument and I still have an original white model that still works. This reworked model is clearly more a nostalgia move. It’s hardly a ground breaking piece of technology these days when home computers have the ability to be complete music studios (though they can’t supply the creative and/or musical ability).It’s a bit like the etch-a-sketch, great fun but really hard to create a masterpiece via the built in limitations.

  3. When I heard the news that the Stylophone is on sale again, I immediately ordered one. It gives sounds that will fit well in my songs, labelled as “quircky electropop”.

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