Pirate Night School Lessons

I indulged my technical abilities today to help a pensioner and her computer. She’s doing a course at the local adult education centre to help her manipulate her digital camera images. Typically the course recommends a full blown copy of photoshop which in her case is a bit of a sledgehammer to crack a nut really and a bit over complex for what she wants to do. She’d phoned me up to say the teacher had supplied her with a disc to install on her pc but she was getting stuck understanding what she had to do to complete the install.

CDRWhen I arrived I was surprised to find that the tutor had supplied her with a CDR burnt pirate copy of Photoshop CS3 complete with crack serial number generator and complicated written instructions on how to fake product activation which just sounds incredibly amateur and hooky for an officially run course but there you go. Software piracy is often sanctioned and indeed encouraged.

I showed her some easier to follow legal alternatives out on the Internet such as picnik, flauntr and even picasa which she seemed to grasp quite quickly.It sounds like she might quit the course as she wasn’t getting to grips with it and all she wanted to do was learn to crop and alter a few photos which I’d showed her how to do in part of an afternoon.

Photoshop’s a great program but a little expensive and overkill for pensioners on restricted incomes to afford but it’s probably all the tutor knows or has a remit to teach and so hence the piracy I suppose (surely Photoshop Elements would be more appropriate, affordable and easier to undertake with full legality?Indeed it tuned out this lady already had a legal copy of Elements that was bundled with her digital camera so I installed that for her whilst declining to personally install the dubious CDR that she’d been supplied with). It’s a daft world.

Photo by _sarchi under this creative commons license

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2 thoughts on “Pirate Night School Lessons

  1. I am astonished that a presumably qualified teacher would distribute pirated software. The college probably doesn’t know this as they could also face legal action if the fact became known. The teacher is also putting the students at risk of legal action.

    I think it’s great that people from all walks of life are being enabled to use modern technology for profit and pleasure and a pity when teachers get things so badly wrong.

  2. This is a reputable adult education establishment(or so I thought). They could cover the licenses legally at a low education rate and and be covered but running a key generator that says ‘warez’ on it is surely a bit sus along with the detailed ‘crack’ instructions that reveal how to avoid authenticating the software.

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