Ensuring Opportunity

“Depending on the nature of your response, Microsoft reserves the right to pursue all necessary steps to ensure that Yahoo!’s shareholders are provided with the opportunity to realize the valueYahoo Microsoft inherent in our proposal.”

Part of Microsoft’s letter to the Yahoo board of directors that reserves the right to pursue a likely hostile takeover attempt should they decline the current £22 billion on offer by Microsoft to merge the Yahoo brand and its technologies into Microsoft.

Full letter text

Graphic by labanex under this creative commons license

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2 thoughts on “Ensuring Opportunity

  1. I hope Microsoft fail to grab Yahoo. They are already too big and powerful, alarmingly so, in my view. Who’s their next target: Google?

    The big corporations are going after the online world in a big way and not for the benefit of users.

  2. Hi SilverTiger-We’ll see how this plays out. Clearly Microsoft would like Yahoo’s search engine brand as they really want to take on Google and have a slice of the advertising revenue pie(s) which on the one hand might mean that Google gets some competition but it depends if Microsoft competes via superior products or via marketing, competition buy ups, software lock ins and forcing Microsoft technologies onto Yahoo products (Silverlight onto Flickr, moving Yahoo mail off Unix servers or even merging them into Hotmail, a previous Msoft acquisition).Like you say, is this real competition or just the biggest players buying up what they can afford in a game of acquisitions and mergers?

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