Surfing The Waveform

Another doodle from the archive today. I have a healthy disdain for the overuse of sampling and sequencing (I must have midi’d myself out back in the day) so prefer to do a live multi track approach playing in real time with minimal post editing. This is though a sample based exercise but there’s no cutting or pre cut sections or time line editingWaveform going on just an example of live random looping and creative delay around an existing Little Axe sample. So (is this making any sense to anyone?) we’re just surfing points along a waveform sample ‘on-the fly’ with no real idea of where we’re going and living with the results. It’s not meant to be anything other than an absorbing diversion recorded live on one track, no overdubs and just cutting a section out of the rambling result.I guess it’s the same technique as vinyl mixing with turntables but we’re just flipping from one position in the waveform to another using maybe only a few visual clues.

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