Bank Notable Virus

Swiss notesSwiss scientists from Geneva’s University Hospital have revealed that the flu virus can survive on banknotes for up to two weeks.

Ordinarily the virus would only survive for a few hours whilst highly concentrated samples could last several days. However if embedded in human mucus on a banknote then the virus could survive for up to two and a half weeks.

The research was commissioned by a Swiss bank who wanted to know what part the circulation of bank notes would play in the event of a flu pandemic.


Photo by somewheregladlybeyond under this creative commons license

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One thought on “Bank Notable Virus

  1. Nice piece of research. Money makes an ideal vector for disease because of the fact that it circulates widely and quickly.

    During the great plagues in England, cities closed because they were infected did trade with outsiders by leaving money for goods in a trough of water. This suggests that they had some ideas about contagion but I doubt whether putting the money in water did much good.

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