The Proof Is In The Reading

The Times

It’s all too easy to miss a written mistake even with repeated proof-reading. Sometimes it’s heartening to see the big boys make mistakes. In this case it’s The Times whose headline relating to climate change and illness reads like the sort of demented street-speak.


One thought on “The Proof Is In The Reading

  1. Proof reading on a screen is very difficult. It’s much easier on paper. I don’t know the reason for the difference but I am satisfied that it is real and others have confirmed the effect.

    Bearing this in mind, the reason why you see more mistakes these days, even on prestige sites, might be for the following reason. Those of us brought up with pens and paper know to take extra care when editing online but those who have been brought up to do everything online are unaware of the difficulty and even well educated and intelligent editors let errors slip through.

    Given that screens are used more and more in education and paper less and less, I think the problem will stay with us or even get worse. Until, that is, smart software is produced that can spot such errors for us. But given how primitive spelling checkers still are after all these years, I would advise against holding your breath.

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