Middle Class Radio

Recent Woman’s Hour recruit Jane Garvey, wife of down to earth presenter Adrian Chiles bemoans the culture of Radio 4 which she describes as having “a massively middle class bent”.

It’s interesting to read some of the comments to this story in the Media Guardian:Radio 4

‘what’s wrong in being middle class?.’

(er… )

‘It’s not just middle-class, it’s depressingly worthy, self-righteous and often pompous… it’s the Daily Mail without the latent hatred.’

(Interesting theoretical concept)

Radio exposes the lack of diversity in class.’

I think that people seem to be mistaking class for education.’

(Ouch…no snobbery there then )

This is news? As Private Eye (another solidly middle class organ) is fond of saying – “In other news: Pope discovered to have Catholic heritage; Confirmation that defecation of bears occurs in woodland setting” ‘

Changing the culture of radio 4 might turn out to be an almost impossible task akin to trying to post a cow through a letterbox. People hate change and Radio 4 listeners probably even more so. I might be wrong but the idea of scrapping 5 Live and integrating it into Radio 4 might have to be put on the shelf for a little longer.
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