Stolen Dream

I managed to torture myself with a lengthy anxiety dream last night.This one was, like many dreams, a mish mash of past, present future and parallel universes. The premise was me (single me in the past it would seem) driving (I had a car, how retro) to an evening class (more warped nostalgia) which was at a former school (OK that has happened).Stolen Motor

A long tortuous evening of badly taught subject matter and me struggling to hear properly during the seemingly never ending break for tea and coffee finally gives way to the dark of night and finding that my car has been stolen (something I’ve never experienced as nobody would ever have wanted the cars I used to drive).

The uphill part of the dream is me reporting this to the police. I have mobile phone which is oddly very modern in amongst the rest of the dream which if I scratched the paintwork would be constructed from a much earlier era. I waited around in the dark for ages before a lone policeman appeared to make my life even more difficult by bemoaning the fact that he should really be dealing with ‘real crime’ and not the theft of my crappy car.

I was more worked up by the theft of camera equipment which was in the boot (not something I would have done but hey it’s a dream designed to wind me up) which was all film based 35mm stuff, again from a past era but it was all a very ‘life on Mars’ type experience anyway which just succeeded in my finally waking up in a totally stressed out state.

I love dreaming I do.

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Photo by freedryk under this restricted creative commons license
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2 thoughts on “Stolen Dream

  1. Oh I do sympathise. Some of my worst days (in terms of me being grumpy) are triggered by just those sort of dreams – with all those bits of this and that dragged up from the past and thrown together to stress me out, all real enough to be believable and irritating. I wonder what makes us dream this stuff?

  2. I guess these dreams are semi cathartic. Some say that dreams are the equivalent of the brain’s screen-saver whilst others say that it’s our unconscious at work and we can read our dreams whilst others just think it’s the grey matter clearing out junk. It doesn’t help that I’m fond of the surreal so my dream world is a sort of parallel existence sometimes.

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