Supermarket Churn

This morning we had an on-line supermarket shop order delivered. Interestingly it would seem that those of us that do now shop on-line are not as brand-loyal as those who visit their supermarket of choice in

Brand switching for supermarkets has risen from 19% to 27% in line with the increased use of supermarket on-line delivery services. This puts supermarkets in the same rate of user switching (‘churn’ as the marketing types like to call it) as car and home insurance and some marketing analysts think that as supermarket loyalty is removed from the need for proximity the potential for brand switching could increase a further 20% if the difference between in store experience and on-line service differs greatly for any one supermarket store.

Remote shopping will continue to increase the rate at which shoppers switch brands.

Photo by EVERYDAYMODERNLIFE via this creative commons license 

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