Mac iPlayer Download Soon

The BBC has announced that a download version of its iPlayer software will be available for Mac users by the end of 2008. Currently only Windows users can use the download version whilst a hastily launched by more widely used streaming service became available in November 2007 which enabled Mac and Linux and Windows users to watch streamed content on-line.

This may or may not open the door to downloadable HD content or at least slightly better quality than the flash encoded streaming content that Mac users currently have access to.

There’s no word on whether this will leave Linux users left using the streaming option of whether the new solution will be available to them also or at a later date.

It is possible that the Mac download content would be available the separate  Apple TV unit also with on demand access for cable customers and via new  enabled Freeview boxes with Internet connection in the future.

The current download version is based around Windows media player and uses point to point technology to speed up downloads to users who typically have 7 days to watch the content on their computers.

UPDATE: Adobe Air based iPlayer for Mac & Linux

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3 thoughts on “Mac iPlayer Download Soon

  1. Thanks – good article! You’re absolutely right – where this leaves Linux users is anyone’s guess.

    I’ve been thinking about the possible ways that iPlayer downloads might be implemented on a Mac, especially in the light of iTunes Movie Rentals. I’ve come to the conclusion that they may well have to be delivered via iTunes – which has implications for the BBC, for BBC Worldwide, and of course for Apple.

    Here’s the full article with the reasons why:

  2. Hi Dave-thanks for taking the time to comment. I’m sure the Beeb will be committing to many platforms (downloads. streaming, cable, VOD etc) and seem to be mulling changes to their streaming platform to improve quality. Streaming has been the most used method so far and may still be a part of the cross channel ‘Kangaroo’ on-line delivery project.

  3. I agree – and tbh, since the iPlayer content is only valid for 7 days, streaming seems like the most appropriate way to deliver this “catch up” content anyway. Unless, of course, iTunes provides the way to convert those free downloads into purchases…

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