Video Archive: Ultravox 1981 All Stood Still

Ah those earnest early 80’s

This is quite a well shot TOTP miming appearance (never underestimate how hard it is to mime well) from 1981 with typical early 80’s content which basically looks to the near future nuclear annihilation as anticipated at the time. Midge Ure replaced John Foxx as lead singer of Ultravox and quickly propelled them into being suitable chart material.What’s-a-matter you-hey-why you look-a so sad…

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2 thoughts on “Video Archive: Ultravox 1981 All Stood Still

  1. Just to get me in the mood for Ashes to Ashes later eh? Dear me, that was pretty awful! I have never liked Ultravox. One of my least favourite tracks of all time was Vienna – in fact, it put me off visiting the place for ages!

  2. Eeee it were Grrrim back in t’80’s. I was never much into new romantics or Ultravox (except really early stuff) but there was much worse around (Vienna vs Shudupya Face and I’ll take Vienna please). My fave record that made it to the mainstream in 1981 was probably O Superman by Laurie Anderson but there you go music’s a very personal thing. Enjoy Ashes, it’s bound to stir up my own dire memories on the 80s.

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