Domestic Interludes

cat frameI have received two random gifts from my Dad of late. The first was a young box hedge plant that once planted grows into the supplied frame of a cat (though it looks more like some kind of midget dinosaur) for an eventual piece of forced topiary (delightfully naff).

And the most recent random gift was one of those culinare automatic tin openers (for no other reason that that he’d bought one and thought it was the best things since sliced bread though I have to admit it’s pretty useful as we’re always wearing out our el cheapo manual tin openers and it’s great for my left handed partner too).one touch

Yesterday I completed a day of domestic moments and planted up some onions each in their own plastic bottle containers. We don’t really have a garden so I grow what veggies I can in a variety of hanging containers and other various improvised containers reclaimed from various objects including drink and milk bottles.These are filled with a growing medium, some just grown in perlite or perlite and compost mixtures.

The wormery I started last year has been a qualified success but I now have more worms than I can feed so may offer some up un Freecycle to anyone local who may also want to start an ad hoc wormery of composter with the added power of worms. I’ve found I needed a much smaller composting bin when using worms to speed up the breakdown of organic matter than my previous compost bin attempts. I also interleave with shredded paper (got to protect against identity theft haven’t you?).

Ah random acts of domesticity (reasons to be cheerful?).

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3 thoughts on “Domestic Interludes

  1. The tin opener looks good. I might get one of those. Although there seems to be a move towards ring-pull opening cans these days. I am not keen on them though as whenever I open a can with a ring-pull I get stuff flicked at me – usually red staining tomatoey liquid. I have learnt to use right-handed tin openers but I do not exhibit great competence with them and sometimes much swearing takes place as I get stuck halfway round.

  2. When opening cans with ring-pull openers, it’s always worth looking at the other end as this is sometimes in the form of a normal tin which can be opened with a tin opener. You presumably wouldn’t mind if your baked beans came out upside down?

    The cat looks fun. That sort of thing can catch on, you know. You might soon find yourself adding to the collection and making you own with nothing more sophisticated than a pair of shears.

  3. The culinare thingy is quite impressive.Nothing to hook on, Just place on top and it find the tin edge.It takes the whole top off with no sharp edges.It take x 2 (rechargeable preferably) AA batteries.
    The cat topiary thingie is probably an ideal gift. Not something I’d automatically buy for myself but a fun thing to receive and have a go with. Now to stop myself starting a whole family of them (busts of Karl Marx or Beethoven alongside twee animals).

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