Grande Dame Cooking Returns

shopping with Delia

I’ve just listened to the grande dame of cookery in the UK, Delia Smith on the radio launching her return to the media spotlight and trying to launch her new ‘big idea’ which seemingly is to get people actually cooking for themselves again.Despite the over abundance of cookery programs on British TV it would seem that we are no more willing to actually make the recipes we drool over than we were before our screens were festooned with cookery goons.

Delia was a product of her time in the TV cooking sun and much like the galloping gourmet in his hey day her recipes now look like a quick way to a cardiac arrest so it’s surprising that her ‘new’ angle is not healthy cooking but using pre prepared ingredients to quell our short attention spans and perhaps overcome our reticence for rolling up our sleeves and cooking for ourselves rather than waiting the few minutes until the microwave goes ‘ding’ and our less than sumptuous microwave dinner appears in the shortest possible time frame but with the least healthy and least nutritious ingredients.

Delia was questioned on the concepts of organic and air miles and her blustering and naive response gave the impression that Delia obviously felt irritated by such modern obsessions and let out a vaguely patronising “well yes I’m sorry about the planet but”… I’ve got new product to promote. Come on, let’s be ‘aving you…

Worry not Jamie Oliver your place of pseudo sainthood in the cookery world remains unassailable.

Photo by Noli’s under this creative commons license

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