Marmite With A White Head

guinness marmite

You either love it or you hate it…and that applies to a Guinness too. Now we can combine two foodstuffs that divide opinion; Guinness and Marmite. If you didn’t catch Guinness with a hint of champagne then watch the shelves for this more down to earth variation.
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3 thoughts on “Marmite With A White Head

  1. Mmm… Marmite! I am one who loves it. And I spread it quite thickly. In my drinking days I used to like Guinness, too, and would go through periods of drinking nothing else. The trouble with it, I found, was that it was just too easy to drink: I would take a sip and the next thing I knew, the glass was empty. I particularly remember a hot summer day when my throat was aching with thirst and I went into a bar and ordered a Guinness “extra cold”. Experiences like that stay in your memory forever!

    But would I like to combine the two? There’s no reason why I shouldn’t, as there’s surely no alcohol in Guinness-flavoured Marmite. Probably precious little Guinness too. More likely some artificial flavouring. So I could try it but I don’t think I will.

    Why not? After all, I drink fruit juices, smoothies, milkshakes, etc. made with a mixture of fruits. I think it’s just unreasoning prejudice: I like my Marmite and don’t want it tampered with.

    Guinness-flavoured tea, anyone?

  2. Hi ST- I think the Guinness specific ingredient is Guinness yeast extract so I’m not sure how much of the stout flavouring that would impart. I can’t say I’m a Marmite fan (each to their own). My antipodean partner swears by sent jars of Promite (which I still can’t get enthused about but then I’m not Australian). I could stomach the odd Guinness in my teens but last time I tried it I think I made quite a face.Officially good for you apparently (Guinness that is).

  3. Eeenteresting. As a professed Guinness lover and Marmite face puller I’m not sure how I feel about this taste combination. Part of me thinks if adding Genius takes the Marmite taste away then surely that can only be a good thing and sign me up.

    The other part of me thinks not even smelly socks could remove the taste of Marmite.
    Stuff(Em) Replied: Hi-It is interesting. I’d buy a pot out of curiosity but no doubt I’d never finish it prior to the stated expiry date.I hear they’re doing baby bell-ish cheese bites with a hint of Marmite too.

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