Brit £99 Laptop And Tablet PC


Elonex the British computer company that usually targets education is to launch a £99 laptop called the ElonexOne with a screen that undocks from the keyboard to become a pseudo tablet device. Sadly for that price a touchscreen is not available but a touch pad on the rear will act as a tracker pad for mouse control. It’s a modest spec and will run a form of the open source Linux operating system from flash memory and comes complete with WiFi, bluetooth and can act as a wireless music streaming device.Battery life is claimed to be up to 3 hours which would be easily achievable with a modest spec solid state device like this.

Chasing The OLPC
For every 100 of these Everex notebook’s sold the company will donate one machine to the third world which partly echoes the OLPC laptop which has gained much publicity but has failed to achieve this price point and some would argue has a much less familiar interface.

For The Young And Young At Heart
Aimed initially at schoolchildren and teenagers, as many of these newer 7-10 inch screen sized sub notebooks seem to be but equally appealing to adults who want a cheap, robust, utilitarian laptop that doesn’t cost the earth there will be an option of an 8 gigabyte usb memory bracelet that can be worn as a way of keeping your data with you at all times.

China Sourced
This would seem to be a re-badge of something that’s been available from China but then that’s probably the only way to get the proposed price point which undercuts the well respected Asus EeePC and the yet to launch Walmart sourced Everex cloudbook device in the States.
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