You Just Can’t Get The Parts These Days

Yesterday I sounded like an emotional country singer. Today I barely make a sound and when I do I sound dead butch. I’m in mid cold. My head aches and my tinnitus is through the roof. What is the purpose of a cold?

Some like to believe it’s the body’s own detox whilst many more just see it as one a vast range of virus and diseases that our fragile body is susceptible to.

Pretty soon it will be possible to start modifying our bodies (though maybe not on the NHS). Sending nano bots round our internal bodies to tidy up ,replacing parts with newly grown and improved ones and generally hybridising ourselves.We do this to a lesser extent already. There’s very little that’s all-natural about our way of living.cyborg

Whilst I’m not for playing ‘God’ for the sake of it I can’t say I’m that precious about modifying the human body as it’s hardly the perfect design concept. I’m short sighted, hard of hearing, asthmatic, with a damaged balance system and prone to moods on the dark side.These are all defects in my own unique design model (or alternatively just random variations that could be a lot worse and just part of my life experiences for this particular journey). If I was a product I would surely be replaced with a newer model with an anti corrosion warranty.

Would I modify my body to ease at least one of those defects. Oddly yes I probably would. I’m not especially one for cosmeticisms. I don’t have too much of a problem with getting older and would be surprised if I ever succumbed to the vanity of botox or similar attempts to regain an artificial youth.And I have no real desire to extend my lifespan beyond the norm. But health. That’s a different matter.

It may well become necessary to heavily modify the human body should we all survive long enough to explore the farthest regions of space in person. With the news that machines may match human levels of intelligence by 2029 (which raises the question of quite how low did they set the bar on that one) it may be that artificial life forms will be better able to wander the cosmos than the frail, disease prone and short shelf life human body.

False teeth, replacement hips, pacemakers, breast implants. We’re already modifying nature and once we become able to directly modify our organic bodies we may find ways to improve on nature with own own super-nature. All sounds a bit Dr Frankenstein doesn’t it? If the benefits outweigh the drawbacks and bio technology advances are as rapid as predictions make out then the future of the human model, dystopian or otherwise may become ever more fashioned by our own modifying hands.

We may all eventually all become pseudo cyborgs in the not too distant future.

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3 thoughts on “You Just Can’t Get The Parts These Days

  1. Oh poor you re the cold. No fun at all, particularly if it makes your tinnitus worse.

    As for modifications – there are a few I wouldn’t mind but like you I have never felt tempted by anti-aging attempts. But I am too much of a cowardly custard to have any surgery that is not absolutely necessary – but maybe if there was something that could be dissolved in water and swallowed that did certain things I might be tempted.

    I’m sure we’ll all be wiped out by some horrid virus or some other catastrophic event long before we get too far advanced down the cyborg route.

    I hope you feel better soon.

  2. It seems to me that there is a hidden problem here. We say “my body”, “my defects” and “my diseases”, etc. but what is this “I” that generates this sense of possession?

    Assuming for now, that the question can be simply answered as the collection of memories, experiences, prejudices and opinions with which “I” meet all new experiences and which give “me” some sense of being the same “me” that inhabited this body yesterday, we have to know what the relationship is between it and the body. Putting it bluntly, if I alter my body in some way, how does this alter “me” and do I want to be altered thus?

    Another question is that I may also think that my “me” is defective in some way (low self-esteem, too sensitive, envious, lacking patience) and that changing this is far more important for my confidence and general well-being than acquiring a pert new nose or removing a cold virus. The popularity of self-assertiveness and other “life courses” suggest that people do indeed hunger after such self-improvement but there remains a paradox: that the change the self wanted has produced a different self. Do want to be that different self?

    In a technological age, we fool ourselves into thinking that there can be a simple technological fix for every problem – just have the operation or take the pill and all will be fine. It goes further than that and we forget this at our peril.

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