Boxes Bins And Fortnightly Things

A man from the council has thrown a plastic box outside our door that says “Glass Only” on the side. Another recycling bin and this one’s for glass at last. No more clanking down the road to the glass banks at the supermarket whilst sounding like I’m returning a night of heavy drinking empties. Of course there’s no information as to what dates we get to put the glass box out.Every week?

I know that this week past was brown bin week so next week will be green bin week though ours is black when it used to be green. Every week currently is still black bin week though ours is now green. Up the road a bit and over the county line they still have plastic bags. Yes, different coloured ones too.

Glass binSo now we have a black box…for glass. Presumably any colour of glass. Maybe glass apartheid will come soon and more boxes will appear and to make it more challenging the green box would only take clear glass and the brown box will be the exclusive receptacle for green glass.

Modern living is gloriously absurd.

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3 thoughts on “Boxes Bins And Fortnightly Things

  1. haha oh yes and it gets worse. We have two boxes but they are for any combination of paper, cardboard, glass or tin cans. They have dividers down the middle and as long as you put the same type of recyclables in one half that is fine apparently.

    But then the bin men come and they just shovel ALL the stuff from the boxes into the same little slot on the bin lorry. So I dread to think what happens to it. I did try asking them and they looked a bit sheepishly at the four different slots but since none of them had labels I can quite understand why everything went in one.

    My boys take all our recyclables now to the recycling centre on their bikes because they have separate containers there and it gives them some exercise, gets them out of my hair for an hour and at least I know it starts off in the right slots. It probably gets shipped off to India or somewhere after that . . .

    All our boxes and bins are black though. I’d quite like a green one.

    My mother doesn’t recycle anything (shame on her) and when she got her box she put a blanket in it so it could be a bed for her cat!

    Hope you are feeling better?

  2. I went for a walk later in the day and so many boxes had been blown across roads and the small park area. I do wonder how many people found their bins on return from work.
    Thanks both- still in the depths of virus and still no usable voice. Communicating in a very Harpo Marx way now but getting by.A virus ate my voice-good movie title.

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