rEFIt Your EFI

Owning a modern Intel based Mac allows a great degree of flexibility as you can run almost any operating system aside from OS X (I know, why would you want to? But some of us have such a need if only for support reasons). You can dual boot into Windows or run another OS via virtualisation (Parallels, VMware or Virtual box) which I often do for Linux and unix variants but dual and triple booting can become a problem with many Linux variants as the Mac doesn’t have a bios and uses the more cutting edge EFI (attempting to use GRUB after a linux installation can seriously mess up your Mac’s ability to boot anything).

rEFItEFI Boot Manager
So it’s been a boon to find a free EFI management program that allows Mac users to delve into the workings of EFI and allow dual and triple boot various installations including Boot camp and linux.Boot menu icons are able to be customised easily.

rEFIt is that program, a boot menu and maintenance tool kit and is written by Christoph Pfisterer.

Sourceforge page

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