Office Stance

stance chair

Ergonomics at work in this Stance chair which can operate in the more conventional mode.I have to hope that this is more comfortable than it looks as it looks akin to those ‘not standing up, not really sitting. down seat/ ledges that are available in some public areas. It also looks like leaning over to fetch a pile of paperwork which would invariably be placed on the farthest edge of the desk will see you pivoting against the knee rest in an amusing ‘feet nailed to the floor’ style but maybe it’s more practical in use than my own imaginings.

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  1. haha yes I agree that it looks uncomfortable and that it looks difficult to move about when sat in it.

    I went to the chiropractor the other day and he has an ergo-wotsit chair (not a standing up one) and he was sat in it talking to me about how bad my posture was. Someone called him from outside and he had to go but when he tried to get up the angle of the chair made it difficult for him to get out and his leg was stuck and off he went with the chair attached to him, dragging itself behind him. I had a little chuckle (after he was safely out of earshot).

    I’m sure some of these contraptions cause more problems than they solve. He’s probably now got knee strain – but at least his back is OK I guess.

    Have a lovely weekend, Em. Hope you have some voice back.

  2. emalyse says:

    Hi RB- they had one of those ergonomic kneeling chairs at a place I used to volunteer at and it was comfortable enough to use but much like this thing it proved a little impractical when used with a less well thought out desk (you’d end up twisting your spine a lot due to not being able to swivel when reaching to the sides of the desk). A wrap-around desk would help both ideas (joined up thinking optional).

  3. SilverTiger says:

    I think the problem is less that you adopt a “bad” posture when sitting in this or that chair than that you remain in the same posture for hours on end. I would hazard a guess that no matter how “ergonomic” a chair is thought to be, using it for hours on end will ultimately prove to be bad.

    I sit down to work at the moment for 7 hours a day apart from toilet breaks and trips to the coffee machine. I find I have to change posture regularly, drawing my legs in or stretching them out, leaning back or leaning forward, sitting straight or sitting sideways on. This is right and proper. It doesn’t mean that my chair is “wrong”, just that the human body is not designed for hours of immobility.

    The problem I had with a kneeler chair was precisely that: it did not allow me to change my posture. As long as I was using it, only one posture was possible. After an hour or so, that was extremely uncomfortable and even painful. So much for the “good posture” is was said to induce.

    I think that one of the problems is that “experts” compete with one another to bring out the most revolutionary new idea. Too often they base these ideas on theory and don’t test them on real people in real situations. That is why so many of these devices appear, become all the rage and disappear again.

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