Eurovision Masochism

Eurovision 2008Last night we wallowed in the guilty voyeuristic pleasure (?) of watching Britain’s Eurovision song contest choosing. There were some admittedly dire performances vocally but thanks to Sir Terry Wogan playing the wildcard (scripted? surely not?) then former X factor runner up Andy Abraham ended up in the final play off between himself and former Eastenders actress Michelle Gayle who seemed to wow the studio crowd with a simplistic shouty song consisting of ‘oohs’ ‘Aaaahs’ and ‘Ooooows’.

Britain seemed to pass up on the tactical choice of choosing a Romanian Simona Armstrong to sing our Eurovision entry in order to perhaps court favour with the powerful Eastern European bloc voting system (she was perhaps more suited to Eurovision).On second listen we both kind of zoned out to Michelle Gayle’s Ooohing and Aaaahing, fun though the song was and the viewing public clearly went with the most polished performance of the night in Andy Abraham’s ‘Even If’ (though it put me in mind of Sydney Youngblood’s ‘If Only I could’ *especially at the start).

Anyway it was clearly the most accomplished song and performance in the pack (no bum notes anywhere) with a likeable performer but Eurovision isn’t just about songs (if at all) so I’m unsure if this is technically a Eurovision song per se but hey like I said we’re still not desperate enough to skew the voting in our favour.

And remember , the qualifying heats aside, we may be up against Ireland’s Dustin the Turkey so best not get our hopes up too much.


*As I learned  many years ago Australian’s are only really familiar with their own Wendy Matthews cover of this song from the early 90’s.

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3 thoughts on “Eurovision Masochism

  1. I managed only 30 seconds of the Dustin entry before screaming and running hands aloft from the room. Words fail me that it’s come to this.

    As for UK’s entry, sorry but I’ll eat my special Eurovision branded running socks if it manages anything more than a bottom quarter finish, no matter how nice a chap Andy Abrahams might be or how inoffensive (aka forgettable) the song is.

    Ban phone in’s, bring back jury voting, please.

  2. Hi Stephanie -I do wonder how funny the Dustin joke will seem on the night. Mind you , we’ll see if Ireland or UK PLC’s entry each make it through the initial qualification round. I have to agree that the old jury voting system might now seem to have more artistic(?) merit in retrospect. I’ve only just realised that the Italians stopped taking part in ’98.

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