Tape Archive:Bowie Star Special 1979 Part 1

This is part one of a 2 hour ‘desert island discs’ type programme that Davie Bowie recorded and was broadcast on 20th May 1979. There is no interviewer. Just a slightly self conscious and sometimes awkward Bowie who plays the music that he liked and influenced him up to that period in time.

AAC+ version*
For those that need to preserve their bandwidth and cannot either stream the 20Mb file or download via the podcast feed then there’s a smaller sized (4.7Mb) but equally high quality AAC+ encoded version available here.

(*AAC+ audio files require this Plugin(Win) or a compatible player such as Songbird (Win,Mac,Linux), VLC(Win,Mac,Linux)or Winamp(Win) however Quicktime and i-Tunes will play file at half the audio bandwidth and in mono only)

Songbird Music Player Recommended

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