The News In Crayon

As the UK awakes to a night of storm battering I know not to turn the television news on and stick to the radio. Why? Because I know that an infinite number of ‘news’ reporters will be reporting live in the strong winds and rain, barely able to stand or be heard just to show a supposedly brain dead public that the wind and rain they see outside their windows is also happening too in TV news land.

Later on a political reporter will be standing outside 10 Downing street  to show that the report is political in nature.

Does a visual element always lead to dumbing down or is it just that an intelligent use of visuals is a rare art much like the intelligent use of a business powerpoint presentation without just listing bullet points?


One thought on “The News In Crayon

  1. haha yes indeed. My children and I always have a little discussion about what wonderful things we will see before we turn on the TV news of an evening. And we are, like you, very good at predicting – wind blown people with wavy seas in the background, then round exam time you get reporters prowling around outside schools interviewing identical quadruplets who did well in their A levels and I’m sure that every time there is a report on obesity we see the same headless large people walking down the same high street somewhere in the UK.

    It would be nice to have some more original visual reporting but I don’t think it is going to happen.

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