Say Hello To Microblogging

Aside from blogging here on wordpress I do enjoy a certain ammount of microblogging on twitter, pownce and tumblr as an outlet for the random smaller and sometimes more personal thoughts.
The process has been made a lot easier by using the Hello Txt service that allows selective or simultaneous posting across a variety of microblogging services.
A mobile version is in the works and currently available via a limited number of invite codes.

Hello Txt

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4 thoughts on “Say Hello To Microblogging

  1. Hi there Em,
    I don’t really understand these microblogging services. I did have a look and I did even register but then . . . ?
    Is it something where I need to get some of my pals to join up too so I can chat to them or am I meant to seek others out like one does in “proper” blogging? I just looked at the little blank screen for a few minutes and then ran away in true “scared of new things” style. I’m horribly predictable, aren’t I?

    Have a lovely weekend

  2. Hi RB- No problem re a bit of techno fear. It’s not always obvious. You probably needed to look for the public timeline if in twitter.If written a quick explanation of microblogging for you here. Hope it helps.

  3. I just started using Hellotxt recently. I love it and I don’t know how I managed to live without it!

    It does everything I need it to do and even some extra stuff thrown in for good measure.

    Since I had so many different people added as friends to all of my microblogging services it was becoming hard to keep updating each service in order to keep friends alerted. That’s where the beauty of hellotext comes in and saves the friggin’ day!

    Best Regards,

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