Crossing Another Line


I got a phone call today from a woman who was in my class in secondary school. Someone else had given them my number and she wants a bit of help setting up her laptop for a wireless Internet connection and various other bits and pieces. I’ve always kept my school days at arms length and always spurned school reunions (I have always been a very private person and as my school days were not a great experience and much of it is now gone from my memory I have little interest in revisiting them). In fact an awful lot of long ago is kind of lost to me and coming across people from those years can be a little unnerving for some reason.

Anyway she didn’t dredge up any school specific memories as it seems she also was not a great fan of those years but we did manage to have quite a long conversation (alright she talked and I listened) about a wide range of subjects though mostly she was concerned with putting the world to rights. I’m a little nervous about meeting her. It’s silly really but the person I was then is not the person I am now and frankly it was all so long ago it feels like a different universe.

Luckily I tend to think I’m very good with 1st meetings in the same way I’ve never been bothered by job interviews(one of those ‘skills’ that I doubt I’ll ever need to use again).  I also have this thing about all that ‘so what do you do, what have you done’ status comparison chit chat and prefer to deflect a lot of personal enquiries. I’ve always been a tough nut to crack that way and have always been tight lipped around spilling my life story at the drop of a hat.

Next week is a mixed bag of experiences including bit of travelling, a last hurrah, an anniversary and a bit of time in hospital. I’m nervous about it with no real reason to be.  It’s a few weeks of reflection. My partner and I will be reflecting on another milestone in our relationship and wondering where the years went.

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  1. RB says:

    You sound solemn.

    I know no-one from my school days. I think I would be more than nervous (petrified?) if someone from those days reappeared out of the blue. Like you, I feel (hope) that I have changed out of all recognition from who I was then.

    And you are wise re not letting it all hang out with people you barely know. I never tell anyone anything in person but I am less careful online! Not sure why that is. I am also good at job interviews – I always think that is because no-one really expects you to be yourself at those, that you are expected to put on a performance (facade 0r whatever) and I have always been good at that. Actually that is probably why I am quite good online too.

    I hope everything goes OK next week. Good luck for the hospital visit and congrats on the Anniversary.

  2. SilverTiger says:

    I concur about school days. I hated my secondary school and leaving it for the last time was one of my happiest moments. It is rather odd, then, that I am now in regular contact by email with someone who was at school with me though, to tell the truth, I do not remember him at all from then. Our friendship is therefore “modern” not historic.

    I have always tended to walk away from places I leave and not keep any contacts. In a weak moment recently, I did discover on the Web someone I had been close to when at university. I renewed contact but will not pursue it because I do not recognize the person he has become or his memories of me. That’ll teach me.

    The past is a different world and inaccessible from this one. We can never be sure that our memories are true. What we have is the present. That’s the only time where we have choice and can make a difference. The past can take care of itself.

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