Okayed Then 3D’d

As predicted it’s been a fraught week which pivoted around time in hospital again which although okayed and discharged there remains the prospect of further surgery in future if my recovery period throws up certain warning signs in the future.

I had sat in a final waiting room before my examination and eventual discharge and across from us was a handcuffed youth flanked by two equally baby faced police or prison officers. There seemed a fair amount of good humoured banter between them.

Virtual Concert

We combined our journey home with a small pre anniversary treat combining a pre anniversary U23Dnight away, a visit to a small bird sanctuary and a visit to an Imax cinema to see U2 in 3D as my partner is a big U2 person but despite many opportunities I’ve always felt guilty about not being in a position to push the boat out and see them live (my own lack of enthusiasm for stadium rock concerts and extortionate ticket prices really).

Amazingly there were only around six of us in the entire Imax theatre so it was more than a little special. The concert filled our peripheral vision and we wore suitably daft looking polarising 3D glasses. The woman who issued them looked at me and asked “Will you be keeping your own glasses on?” to which I paused , and squinted hard into her eyes to detect a hint of playful mickey taking before realising she was serious and answered slowly “I think I’d better keep them on if only to actually see something” ,trying hard not to sound too sarcastic in tone.

It was a pretty full on experience. OK not the real thing but with a volume on par with the real concert (believe me) and the enormity and realism of the 3D experience it was easy to gaze into the South American audience and look at faces, mobile phones and look around the stage at small details like the set list taped to the floor. In many ways a better vantage point than many rock concerts. As I said I never really got much from rock concerts especially large stadium events which I felt was mostly about standing for long periods in a crowd and watching the large screens either side of the stage with out of sync sound but the Imax was a good hyper-real virtual immersive alternative.A kind of Gods eye view of things. It kind of tickled my technical bone to think that such an old fashioned analogue format (70mm film) was still producing such a cutting edge experience.

Sadly we had sat through an awful lot of pre-film non 3D adverts which informed me only that Kung-Fu Panda was coming to this Imax cinema soon.

Photo by katiescrapbooklady under this creative commons license

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One thought on “Okayed Then 3D’d

  1. I love IMAX (but not U2!). When I worked in Bradford we often used to trog across the road to the IMAX cinema and watch the latest offering. It didn’t really matter what it was – it was just good to lose yourself for an hour or two, to feel you were somewhere else. It’s the only cinema I’ve been to where I haven’t fallen asleep – I usually do however inspiring the film!

    Glad you are OK. Have a lovely anniversary and Easter.

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