A Life For Sale

An ex-pat Brit living in Australia is to auction his life on eBay following the break up of his marriage. Everything including his house, lifestyle and even his job in Perth is to be up for bidding on the Auction site from June 22nd.


Ian Usher, 44 writes on a web site he has set up in advance of the auction:

“My whole life is for sale.

Everything. Lifestyle. House. Car. Motorbike. Job. Friends. Everything that I own, and all of the things that I don’t own, but that are still an important part of my life!

When I say everything is included in the sale I mean EVERYTHING is included! Upon completion and settlement I will walk out of my home for the last time in just the clothes I am wearing, and carrying only my wallet and passport.”

alife4sale website

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One thought on “A Life For Sale

  1. People mourn in different ways. Maybe this way will work for this man. Or maybe he always had a yen to cast himself loose and see where fortune carried him and now, at last, has the opportunity to do it. The act is brave or reckless, depending on your point of view.

    It would be intriguing if we could catch up with him in, say, 5 years’ time, and see how his bold adventure worked out.

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