WordPress-The Shock Of the New?

Yesterday many of us awoke to a new WordPress.com web interface. Despite my initial surprise I have to put my hand up and and say I’m having a positive reaction to it.Maybe I’m wired up a certain way but I’m finding it reasonably intuitive so far.

searching for mediaIt’s taken me a little while to re-orientate but the addition of a searchable gallery of previously uploaded media has been on my ‘yes please’ list for a while.

The previously previewed partial return of syndicated stats on individual post stats is an welcome addition too.

It took me a while to realise that the editing of a previously posted item was obtained timed posting hides under the edit buttonvia just opening the post in manage and that timed posting was still there but only revealed by clicking on edit next to ‘publish immediately’.

The ability to compose a post in full screen mode (Alt+Shift+G) is also intriguing if only for providing a slightly more distraction free writing environment.

Adding self hosted images is taking me a while to get fluent with due to caption and description options and the automatic assumption that thumbnails always point to full images but so far I’ve yet to find a feature change that irks me as the loss of the built in spell checker suits me fine as my GB browser spell checker was always fighting against the US centric WordPress based version previously anyway.

People hate change but sometimes the shock of the new can bring realisation that there’s a different way of doing things. I think the only thing that would improve the interface would be a drag and drop widget approach so that each user could customise to their own priority module preferences but otherwise you can call me strange but I like it (it even looks like I can finally post messages via the Safari browser).

The rumour is (I hesitate to use the term ‘the word on the street is…’) that WordPress.com may integrate more social networking features into its web blogging platform in the future.Oooh Ch-ch-changes.

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4 thoughts on “WordPress-The Shock Of the New?

  1. I have a couple of WP sites besides my main blog (which runs on Movable Type); I did the 2.5 upgrade today, and it was quite a bit less problematic than I anticipated.

  2. Changes can be good or bad but at the very least, we should be warned about them. Going to WordPress to make a routine post and finding things different and having to puzzle out how to do the things I am used to doing is not my idea of the right way to go about it. Bad customer relations, to say the least.

    I don’t know whether the changes are good or not. I always compose my posts in a text editor, using HTML tags and then copy/paste it into the editor. The editor is poor and doesn’t have enough controls. I would rather they have given us features like font selection than simply messed about with the format.

    As for images, I upload these, copy the link and paste this into the corresponding HTML tag, so image controls in the editor are of no interest to me. Nor is the fact that you can now upload several images at once because I upload mine as I go, one by one.

    Not exactly a thumbs-down but not a thumbs-up, either. Maybe a thumbs-sideways, i.e. not hostile, merely unimpressed and slightly annoyed at the crass way it was handled.

  3. Actually it’s been talked about for over a month now. Regular wordpress got upgraded a few weeks ago and folks were waiting to hear when wp.com was going to upgrade.

    Although we’re used to “Bad customer relations” from Automattic. They’re know for it.

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