gOS Space Targets My Space Generation

Another version of gOS desktop has been released this time targeting the My Space generation and available pre installed on a small but powerful Everex PC or as a curiously slightly over sized iso that many will need to burn onto a DVD.Web applications feature heavily though this time the emphasis is on My Space applications though the usual Ubuntu desktop applications are still there albeit slightly hidden away in the top left menu with OpenOffice and gimp , add/remove programs and access to the AWN dock’s preferences and usual Ubuntu features available. This may go some way to answering critics the the previous enlightenment based versions.

This radical revamp is based on the Gnome linux desktop with Ubuntu origins and brings together the eye candy desktop effects of Compiz with the the AWN dock and a very OS X stacks look to the various web application launchers.

The DVD I burned ran fine booting direct from DVD on an intel Mac Mini and I was able to connect to a Webdav folder easily and write this post entirely with the live version.Installation to hard drive was easily available.

May of the TV and radio sites featured are not available to computer users outside of the US so there will be a reduced appeal outside of North America where these sites cannot be accessed.The desktop is clearly targeting a certain demographic and if you don’t feel that the Perez Hilton blog, Popsugar, ValleyWag, the Superficial or MTV news qualifies for iplacing in the ‘news’ desktop shortcut then without a little personal modification this desktop is not likely to be for you.

It’s another radical change of direction for the gOS desktop which is not the answer to the controversial Everex Cloudbook’s limited specification but certainly a much more complete desktop experience than any of the previous two public releases so far.

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