Tape Archive: The Last Film Live

Whilst continuing to trawl through various old analogue tapes I found this live recording of Kissing the Pink from 1983.The Last Film was a bit of a one hit wonder from that year and this is part of a live concert from a very promising synth pop band of the time. I’ve done my best to curtail the excessive high frequency ‘tizz’ in the top end of the recording but as it’s a peculiarity of the tape formulation used at the time it is at least an authentic representation of analogue distortions albeit triggering a few digital sonic artefacts (you what?).

AAC+ version

An equally high quality but bandwidth friendly (1MB) AAC+ encoded* version of this is available here.

*For advice on the playback of AAC+ files please see the Tape Archive Page.

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3 thoughts on “Tape Archive: The Last Film Live

  1. oh gosh, that really took me back. It’s funny because I never hear that track played so it had the power to do that. Whereas when you often hear tracks from a certain period of time, they lose their power to do that.

    It reminded me of dancing on sticky floors in red shoes! Perhaps better forgotten eh!?

  2. I always say it’s better to have a really great one hit wonder than a string of mediocre chart fodder but like you say it’s rare to hear this one played in respect of the period(OK it’s dated 80’s but this could easily be something Arcade Fire would do today). Glad if retained its power to evoke memories for you anyway.

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